I create moulded watercolour paper elements for artworks by cutting up the paper into

very small pieces and then liquidising them in water to form a pulp.

Most of the water is squeezed out of the pulp and it's then mixed with glue and pressed into a mould.

Sometimes I colour the pulp with watercolours and I also use metallic pens on the shapes once they are dry.


I use these moulded elements on their own, such as the Daisy artworks, and also combine them with polymer clay

elements for artworks such as the shell and pebble ones.


To enhance the 3D look I often mount each element on differing heights of tiny foam board plinth.


My moulded watercolour paper artworks come in various size frames and all designs are customisable,

so please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you wish to discuss something bespoke.


Contact me: +44 (0) 7887 742635 or email


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